Miss Universe Contestant Will Compete as Sailor Moon

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November 21, 2018  12:49 PM

Anime, when it’s not sexist, convoluted, or stupid, can be a wonderful thing that changes or influences the world. There are quite a few anime that can be considered “household names,” with Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and Cowboy Bebop being easy examples. One other anime that can be considered a household name is Sailor Moon, which left a huge impact around the world thanks to stunning character designs, a catchy theme song, and fairly wacky adventures.

It looks like the world is about to be inspired by the anime yet again, as Miss Japan Yuumi Kato will be competing in the Miss Universe event as the titular character. She posted the news on her Instagram, confirming the news that she would be competing and proudly showing off her costume. Sure, she might not have the blonde hair but Kato is definitely a looker and her costume is great.

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.ミス・ユニバース2018 世界大会壮行会 で 今年のナショナルコスチュームを披露させていただきました! 美少女戦士セーラームーン ? 大会出発まで8日となりました、今までサポートしていただいた方々、応援していただいている皆様があったからこそ、ここまで来ることができました。ありがとうございます! 世界大会精一杯力を発揮して頑張ってきます!これからも応援お願いします❤️ 2018 National costume from Japan ?? Costume this year represents the new Japanese culture ❤️ woman warrior sailor moon ? special thanks to my director @hirokomima . . ・2018年 代表:加藤遊海 @yuumi_kato ・National Director:美馬寛子 @hirokomima ・2017年 代表 阿部桃子さん @momokoabe__ ・make up artist 西村宏堂さん @kodomakeup ・司会:2011年 代表 神山まりあさん @mariakamiyama *costume by @kioi_akiyama *hair by @rock_hairdesign セーラームーン©︎Naoko Takeuchi #ミスユニバースジャパン #ミスユニバース #ミスユニバースジャパン2018 #ミスユニバース2018 #missuniversejapan #missuniversejapan2018 #missuniverse #missuniverse2018 #加藤遊海 #yuumikato #美馬寛子 #阿部桃子 #神山まりあ #セーラームーン #美少女戦士セーラームーン

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Now, she won’t be wearing the costume for the whole show; after all, the contest does require its contestants to wear various garments throughout the program. Think of it as a more elegant way to check out women in swimsuits, for better or worse. At least we will be seeing her cosplay for a good amount of the show.

While it’s quality may vary, Sailor Moon does still resonate with a number of people. Whether it’s simply nostalgia or the fact that the show has some actual quality to it is up for debate. Still, when you consider the number of people who pay tribute to this series and the impact it left around the world, it’s definitely an important anime.

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