Miles Morales: Spider-Man Launches in December, Just in Time for Enter the Spider-Verse

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September 14, 2018  12:58 PM



When Brian Michael Bendis left Marvel earlier this year, fans wondered about the fate of Miles Morales. By the end of his solo series and Spider-Men II, it seemed like he would give up the Spider-Man identity. Turns out that won’t be happening since Marvel just announced Miles Morales: Spider-Man for December; just in time for the upcoming film Enter the Spider-Verse.

Miles’ new adventures will be penned by Saladin Ahmed, whose work you’ll probably remember from Black Bolt and Exiles. Those comics are quite good so there are expectations for this new ongoing series. Ahmed will be joined by Death of X artist Javier Garron with the first issue having a cover from Black Panther’s Brian Sterfleeze.

(Marvel Comics/Brian Sterfleeze)

Ahmed plans on giving the series an old-school Spider-Man vibe, having Miles deal with super villains, school, and the usual things Peter Parker used to go through. The writer even confirmed that Rhino would be one of Miles’ first enemies, linking him more to those older Spider-Man stories. Now that Peter is an adult, his comics appeal to different readers so making Miles’ comic feel classic is a smart move.

Having a new Miles Morales series post-Bendis is going to be interesting and it will be ripe for comparison. Ahmed has big shoes to fill, which makes him the perfect writer for Miles since he is always trying to live up to Peter Parker’s standards.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 comes out this December.


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