Mary J. Blige Joins Umbrella Academy As Series Villain

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - February 13, 2018

Netflix’s Umbrella Academy just got more star-studded, with reports claiming that Mary J. Blige has been cast as the series villain. The show already managed to get Ellen Page as the lead, so adding Blige to the cast should get more attention. While fans wait for the series to get an official release date, news like this does make the series sound more enticing.

According to Variety, Blige will play Cha-Cha, an unorthodox hitwoman who travels through time to kill her targets. The character has been described as sadistic and sociopathic, though she does have a few gripes with her employers. She definitely sounds like a memorable villain and it will be fun to see how her powers are visualized in the series.

This will be Blige’s first television role, though she has appeared in a number of guest roles before. While this is new territory for Blige, she did work with Netflix on the Oscar-nominated Mudbound, where she has a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. It’s a huge boon for Netflix, so here’s hoping that the project is an engaging one.

Umbrella Academy still has no release date, as of this writing.

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