Marvel Won’t Tell Avengers 4 Cast What The Film’s Real Name Is

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - April 16, 2018

Saying that Marvel has been secretive about the title of Avengers 4 is a huge understatement. Originally called Infinity War: Part Two, the reason for the name change still isn’t clear, though there are reports saying that it will immediately give away some story details. The Russos even claimed that fans should fear what the fourth Avengers film will be called.

It turns out that the stars of the film don’t know what it will be called either. Unless they are playing coy to the public, it’s clear that Marvel don't not want any spoilers coming out before the film does.

Digital Spy talked with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, who play Scarlet Witch and The Vision respectively. When asking the two stars about the title for the next film, both couldn’t give the site an answer.

Olsen has also been calling it Avengers 4, so it seems like she’s just as clueless as the fans in that regard. She also discussed how secretive they are off the script, giving actors the option to read a full script in an iPad on some locked room or just read various pages that pertain to their character since they refuse to print the full script.

Here is the actresses’ full statement:

"We can choose to sit in a locked private room with an iPad that has the full script – which also has a bunch of lies in it – because they won't print the full script. But if you don't want to do that, they give you your pages that pertain to your character, and then they orally explain to you what's happening in the rest of the movie. So we do know what happens as much as they have given us... unless they're lying to us, and planting strange seeds."

Paul Bettany elaborated on the fake scenes in the script, stating that they will have the scene explained to them once they reach that point:

"It's not quite true that we don't know the story. You read the script, there are some fake pieces. Sometimes you'll get there and they'll say, 'Everything you read – that doesn't happen. We're going to do this'. And then you do it. It's actually been exciting... once you yield to it."

If true, Marvel may be more paranoid than they should be but it could lead to some good business in the end. Admittedly, the filming sounds a bit frustrating but with so many fans wondering what they’re doing, it’s clear that Marvel is doing something right.

Avengers: Infinity War comes out on April 27. Avengers 4 will hit theaters on May 3, 2019.

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