Latest Pokémon GO Leak Confirms More Monsters From Gen 2 and Gen 3

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - July 12, 2018

Pokemon GO is surprisingly still doing well, despite many labeling it as a fad when the game’s popularity dipped after initial impressions. Since its launch, the game has added a ton of new features that make the game more playable and plenty of additional Pokemon. Fans that are excited about these updates tend to datamine the game and see what new developments are coming.

We now know that there will be more Pokemon from Gen 2 and Gen 3. In fact, Gen 2 is getting its last two Pokemon, meaning fans of the Johto region can finally finish their personal Pokedex. The two Gen 2 Pokemon who’ve been missing are Smeargle and Celebi, the former of whom is the longest non-legendary Pokemon to be added due to its Sketch ability.

Rare Pokemon like Jirachi and Deoxys are also seemingly confirmed for the game via a new update. Jirachi will make fans of cute things smile while Deoxys has four different forms to catch, making this Pokemon a bit more interesting to catch than others.

Fans can check out all the monsters coming to Pokemon GO thanks to this graphic from Reddit user JANKA_lml.

Pokemon GO is now available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

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