Kit Harington Doesn't Know What's Going on With Marvel's Eternals Either

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May 26, 2020  03:53 PM



Marvel’s The Eternals was set to be one of the studio’s biggest franchises in Phase Four but thanks to COVID-19, the movie has been delayed. We still haven’t seen any promotional material from the upcoming MCU film but we’re all hoping this installment does well since it’s set to introduce completely new characters to the mix. Kit Harington, who most people know of due to Game of Thrones gave a minor update on the movie.

Well, “update” might be stretching it a bit since the actor, much like Jon Snow, knows nothing about what’s going to happen to the movie. Harington, who will be playing Black Knight, does reveal that shooting has finished but in terms of editing, reshoots, and promotional appearances, he doesn’t have a clue. As usual, COVID-19 has to ruin everything for everyone but at least he’s doing okay.



Since the movie is already slated for a 2021 release, all we can do is hope that things calm down and the world becomes normal sooner, rather than later. Considering how US theaters are already slated to open in a few months, people are going to have to be extra careful in this new normal. Hopefully, movies like The Eternals will make the trip to a movie theater worth it.

Or, you know, things could just be safer. 2020 sucks.

The Eternals is now slated for a February 12, 2021 release.

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