Kingsman 3 Will Reportedly Introduce New Characters for Prequel

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - August 10, 2018

Matthew Vaughn dropped a bombshell a few months ago when he announced the future of Kingsman. He not only confirmed a third film in the franchise, which will be the swan song for both Eggsy and Harry Hart but revealed that there will be a prequel film, tv series, and spin-off that focuses on the American branch of the spy organization.

Like all cinematic universes, there will need to be some proper set-up before expanding and making more movies, which is why a report about Kingsman 3 introducing characters for the prequel film is interesting. The previous Kingsman films have done some world-building, which has resulted in a universe ripe for exploration, hence the number of new films coming out.

That Hashtag Show has details on the prequel film The Great Game, which Vaughn wants to film back-to-back with Kingsman 3. Apparently, the lead for the prequel will be a teenager called Conrad, who is eager to serve his country during World War I. The report also claims that the studio is looking to cast an older actor for the prequel and Ralph Fiennes is an option.

It’s likely that these characters will be introduced via flashbacks so that will be interesting. There were a few of them in the previous missions but the ones in 3 could be the most vital.

No release date for Kingsman 3 or its prequel has been announced.

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