Kevin Conroy is Kingdom Come Batman in New Crisis on Infinite Earths Photo

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November 19, 2019  04:21 PM


When it was announced that Kevin Conroy would be a part of The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, many knew he would be playing Batman, we just weren’t sure which version. Thanks to an official photo, we now know he will be the Kingdom Come version of Batman, joining Brandon Routh, who will be playing the Kingdom Come Superman. 

This is the best decision for everyone involved since Conroy, who voiced Batman in the legendary Batman: The Animated Series, isn’t exactly a spring chicken.

As fans can see below, Conroy is suited up in the outfit we first saw Kingdom Come Batman in. This is because he was ambushed by his worst enemies after The Joker revealed his identity, which resulted in Bruce taking complete control over Gotham City, much to the chagrin of his friend Superman.

Details on how big his role will be haven’t been dished out, though most of us can assume that he will act as an elderly guide to our heroes. Most of us will just be happy seeing Conroy play some version of Batman and the fact that he’s doing it in live-action should be a nice change of pace. 

Conroy’s Batman will debut on Crisis on Infinite Earths. The image shown comes from the December 9 episode of Batwoman, which will be one of the integral parts of this crossover.

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