Keanu Reeves Can Never Be Your Maybe in Cyberpunk 2077

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
September 17, 2019  12:49 PM


Who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves? The actor seems to be a darling that no one can hate, thanks to his humility and awesome movie roles. Granted, he’s not the best actor when compared to other big names but that doesn’t really matter right now since Reeves is just so cool. This is why fans lost their minds when Reeves was announced as part of Cyberpunk 2077, where he will be playing Johnny Silverhand.

However, if you were hoping to romance Silverhand in the game, you’re out of luck. While the game will allow players to have romantic relationships with other characters in the game, Keanu Reeves’ Silverhand will not be one of them.

The news was confirmed during an interview with Video Game Chronicles, level designer Max Pears confirmed that Silverhand cannot be romanced. " Keanu plays a crucial role in the game, but as for the option to romance him, I don’t believe you can."

It’s a shame but there are other characters for players to get lucky with. The fact that Keanu isn’t one of them is a bit of a bummer since most gamers wanted to tell him that he’s breathtaking because of memes. Granted, I also wanted to call him breathtaking but that isn’t the point.

Maybe there will be DLC where you can romance him. Who knows? Anything can happen if fans are demanding enough (and are willing to pay for their whininess).

Cyberpunk 2077 will be coming out on April 16, 2020.

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