Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino are Working on a Black Label Joker Series

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July 11, 2019  05:26 PM


Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino are one of the best creative teams in comics today, working on a classic Green Arrow run during the New 52 initiative, as well as a few Old Man Logan arcs. Now, the two creators are working on their most ambitious series yet, as DC Comics announced that Lemire and Sorrentino are working on a DC Black Label series called Joker: Killer Smile.

As the name implies, this is going to be a mini-series about Batman’s most infamous villain but it won’t just be a typical story with the Dark Knight either. Apparently, Joker is going to influence the life of a mental health professional and no, it’s not Harley Quinn. Lemire and Sorrentino want to explore the ramifications of someone like Joker entering someone’s life and things probably won’t end well.

"I wanted to tell an intimate story about how the Joker’s evil is something that can devastate a normal family or a relationship as much as it devastates society as a whole. That the idea that really grabbed me, that sense of terror that would come from letting something like the Joker into your family. As someone who has a family myself, that kind of chaos and darkness infecting my personal space is the scariest thing I can think of, and so I started there."

Joker: Killer Smile will be coming out on October 30.

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