James Gunn on Why Marvel and DC Can't Do Smaller Films Like Brightburn

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
May 27, 2019  12:52 PM


Brightburn came out not too long ago and it’s proving that superhero movies don’t always have to be fun, comedic times. Granted, the reviews have been a bit mixed but there is intrigue on the film’s premise and post-credits scene, which teases more horrifying things that could happen in future sequels. The film was made on a relatively small budget and has fans wondering why DC and Marvel don’t make smaller movies like this for their C-list characters.

James Gunn, who has made/is making movies for both Marvel and DC, as well as producing Brightburn, recently commented on the matter during an interview with ScreenRant. Here is his reasoning for why Marvel and DC don’t make small movies like this and it’s actually pretty sound:

“I don’t think that big studios are set up to make a movie with a budget in the mere millions. I think a big risk for Marvel and DC would be, like, a $50 million R-rated Punisher movie or whatever. I think that would be great. But I think that to do something like this, once you get that studio thing happening, it adds another $20 million – which we couldn’t afford with this. This was a very low-budget film, and luckily we had great people working on it. A company by the name of Trixter who did the visual effects and were amazing, who did a lot of the visual effects for Guardians 2. But I think they’re just not set up to do it.”

While movies like Moon Knight could probably work with a smaller budget, the fact that studios have investors and expect a cut back shows that these companies have to think hard and spend a lot on these films. Maybe in the future, we’ll get something like this, with many of us still hoping that the promising New Mutants gets a release date.

Brightburn is now showing in cinemas.

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