Huge Kingdom Hearts 3 Update Will Be Available Later Today, Adds Critical Mode and New Game Plus

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April 23, 2019  04:46 PM


Kingdom Hearts 3 came out back in January and was praised for its excellent combat, along with its long-running Xehanort Saga finally coming to a close. However, the game was not without faults as many felt it was the easiest game in the series, by far. Thankfully, Critical Mode was announced not too long ago and is finally coming out later today, so get hyped.

Tetsuya Nomura, the game’s director and writer, confirmed the update would be coming via the Kingdom Hearts Twitter, promising that it would be different from previous games thanks to new abilities exclusive to this difficulty. Soon enough, Square Enix released patch notes for the game and confirmed that a New Game Plus feature will also be part of the free update, allowing players to bring their acquired Keyblades to earlier levels.

No news on the game’s extra DLC was announced, though it will reportedly come out by the end of the year. Nomura said that he would use the DLC to clear some plot holes but did not evaluate how the gameplay would change or if there would be new Disney worlds. Many of us are hoping that Olympus Coliseum and new, secret bosses are added as well.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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