Here's How Wonder Woman Paid Tribute To The '77 Linda Carter Show

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - December 04, 2017

Wonder Woman was a rousing success and is deserving of all the praise it got from critics. It might not be the best superhero movie ever but it did tell a good story and had plenty of heart, which cannot be denied. However, some DC fans were sad about the lack of a Linda Carter cameo, considering how influential her portrayal of the character was. Thankfully, the new film does pay homage to the classic ‘77 series in a fairly simple way.

Reddit user Captain Oppression made a side-by-side comparison video comparing a similar scene that happens in both Wonder Woman and the ‘77 series. The scene, in particular, has our hero rescue Steve Trevor from drowning, with dialogue that is almost word-for-word. If anything, it’s a cute reference and one that fans of the older show probably enjoyed.


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This isn’t the only film Wonder Woman paid tribute to. Diana actually protects Steve Trevor from a gunman during the first half of the film and is an homage to the first Superman film, with a few differences. In Wonder Woman, Steve is somewhat aware of her abilities, while in Superman, the hero is acting like a goof to protect Lois from gunfire.

Some might classify this as nostalgia-baiting but there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to the past, as long as it makes sense within the story. In both cases, Wonder Woman succeeds.

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