Guillermo Del Toro Gives Vague Details On Original Justice League Dark Plans

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - December 06, 2017

Guillermo Del Toro’s departure from the live-action Justice League Dark film disappointed many fans since his style of filmmaking would have fit the adaptation. Warner Bros. hasn’t given up on the property yet, releasing an acclaimed animated film with the same name, but fans have wondered how Del Toro’s live-action version would have gone. Though he didn’t give full details, the acclaimed director did give fans a few ideas that would have been ripe for exploration.

During a Reddit AMA, a fan asked Del Toro about the early ideas he had for films he couldn’t make. The director couldn’t give too many details, claiming that it was because they came from a Warner Bros. property, but he did bring up loving The Demon and Swamp Thing as much as most fans like Batman and Superman. Furthermore, he talked about how Swamp Thing’s romance with Abigail was a great source of inspiration.


A love story involving Swamp Thing sounds like something that is up Del Toro’s alley. While it’s hard to say if it would be good - Del Toro can be hit and miss - the film would have been a big visual treat, that’s for sure. How this would involve other heroes involved with the supernatural is never explained, but that’s not for us to know.

The closest thing fans currently have to a Justice League Dark film is the recent animated film that comes out. It’s available now on Blu-Ray and has been received positively by fans.

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