Friday the 13th Star Cast as Swamp Thing for DC Universe Series

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
September 12, 2018  10:19 AM

While DC Universe is launching in a few days, we won’t get any original programming until October when Titans comes out. That series is going to start a number of live-action DC shows like Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing, both of which have a lot of fans excited. Doom Patrol has had a number of castings over the past few weeks but now, we finally have some casting news for Swamp Thing.

Horror fans will like the news, as Friday the 13th star Derek Mears has been cast as Swamp Thing itself. There will be a different actor for Alec Holland, the man who turns into the Swamp Thing but having someone who used to play a horror icon as the beloved DC monster is great news.

Splash Report first confirmed the news, while Bloody Disgusting was able to confirm the casting as legitimate. No other details have been revealed, so we won’t know when the series will be out. Many are expecting it to come out in 2019 like a number of other DC Universe shows, though it’s too early to assume that.

Prior to this, there was a really old Swamp Thing tv series so it would be fun to see that in DC Universe alongside the new one. Expect a bigger emphasis on horror since it will be based on Alan Moore’s epic run.

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