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October 26, 2018  03:19 PM


After months of waiting, we finally have our first official look at the Doom Patrol, who will be debuting in the fourth episode of Titans. The show went from being a joke after the first trailer to a well-respected show after the first few episodes, which ended up being a nice boon for the DC Universe app. Bringing the Doom Patrol to the small screen before they get their show will only do wonders.

Fans can check out the image below (courtesy of DC Universe Club via Comic Book Movie), which has Beast Boy chilling with Elastigirl, Negative Man, and Robotman. Beast Boy was a member of the group in the comics, which was also referenced in the Teen Titans cartoon, so a nod to that was inevitable. While Beast Boy isn’t slated to be a member of the group, he will probably guest star in an episode or two.

Cyborg, ironically a Teen Titan in the comic books, will be appearing in the Doom Patrol series but isn’t slated to appear in Titans. Then again, they could always add some sort of surprise up their sleeves and have him appear in this episode since he is going to be in the spinoff with these other characters. We’ll only know when the fourth episode comes out.

Titans airs on the DC Universe streaming service weekly.

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