First Female League of Legends Professional Player Passes Away at 24

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December 30, 2019  03:18 PM



It’s a sad day for League of Legends fans as Twitch streamer and former LoL player Maria “Remilia” Creveling has passed away at the young age of 24. Anyone dying is just plain sad to hear and the fact that Maria died this young is just tragic. We extend our condolences to her friends and family.

The news comes from her friend and esports journalist Richard Lewis, who said that she died in her sleep. While the full details of her death haven’t been made readily available, we will respect the wishes of her friends and family to not disclose it until they’re ready. We’re also going to assume that an autopsy will be done on the body to find the direct cause of death but this is still pretty sad regardless.


Her boyfriend also posted a statement, saying that he only knew her for four months but those were the best four months of his life. Remilia’s partner claims that she didn’t really like long statements so he made it short and sweet. We hope he’s doing okay.

Being an esports player for League of Legends wasn’t an easy road for Remilia. Despite making history as the first-ever female to make it into the League of Legends Championship Series back in 2015, Remilia retired a year later due to the constant harassment she faced for being a transwoman. She would compete on and off before her untimely death.

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