First Feature-Length Incredibles 2 Trailer Is Far from Sub-Parr

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Disney and Pixar have released the first feature-length trailer for The Incredibles 2 and it is, well, incredible! While there was some disappointment in the fact that it doesn’t do a time skip, there is a lot to enjoy about the new trailer, which finally gives us a solid look at the film’s plot.

Now that supers are starting to gain public favor once again, the government has enlisted Helen Parr aka Elastigirl to ensure that more powered individuals help out. While Helen does this, Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible is now on house duty, as he tries to help out his kids and deal with the fact that his baby also has unstable superpowers.

Everything seen thus far looks great, from the awesome visuals to the comedy, which is really fun. Having Violet tell Dash to wash his hands numerous times is a delight and it’s a surprise that no one has made that joke with The Flash.

It’s not all family hijinx, however, as a new villain is also revealed. While his plans are still pretty vague, it looks like he will be a big threat to the super-powered family. We’ll have to wait for an additional trailer or the actual movie to see what his plans are.

The Incredibles 2 comes out on June 15.

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