Final Fantasy VII Remake Pays Tribute to the Original Game With New Key Visual

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September 09, 2019  10:30 AM


Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the many reasons that we millennial gamers will be losing a lot of money next year. This is a remake many fans have been asking for since Square Enix showed off a PS3 demo that re-enacted the first game’s cinematic, which ended up being used in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Still, it’s clear that nostalgia is one of the reasons why this game has us talking, so Square Enix decided to add gas to the fire by revealing a familiar image.

Square Enix shared an awesome image that pays tribute to the original Final Fantasy VII box art, showing how detailed this game is going to look. Obviously, comparing this to the original isn’t fair at all, but we wouldn’t even have this image or this remake if it weren’t for the game. Honestly, we can’t wait to see how well this game plays.

While the game will have some new additions, like those odd-looking spirits that Aerith can see and showing Sephiroth earlier in the game, it’s going to follow the same story, for the most part. Square Enix has already confirmed that the first installment for the remake will only take place in Midgard, with future parts focusing on the rest of the game’s world.

I’m so excited for this game and obviously, so are other games. Admittedly, I never finished the original game but I won’t have to now since we’re getting this. Then again, getting the original game on my PS Vita is pretty tempting.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming out on PS4 on March 3, 2020.

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