Falcon and Winter Soldier Series Recruits John Wick Creator

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
July 11, 2019  10:44 AM


Falcon and Winter Soldier has to be the most anticipated Disney+ series since it will likely set-up the next Captain America movie. Right now, there are still no details regarding the story or who the big villain will be but fans are hoping for an action-packed experience with some great character moments, just like all of the Captain America films.

Well, it looks like we can expect a lot of action since The Wrap is reporting that John Wick creator Derek Kolstad has joined the series’ writing team. This should be exciting since it could lead to an action-packed series filled with awesome set pieces that could make most action films blush. They probably won’t be as good as John Wick but that’s okay.

Hopefully, we get more details about the series soon, or, at the least, a trailer that shows us what this series is about. Obviously, a lot of it will be about Sam Wilson accepting the Captain America mantle from a now-retired Steve Rogers and Bucky will probably be there to help with that. Here is hoping we get a lot of nazis getting punched in the face as well.

No proper release date has been revealed but Falcon and Winter Soldier is set to launch this year, along with the Disney+ streaming service.

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