Eddie Brock Finds Out [SPOILERS] is Dead in Venom #7

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
October 11, 2018  03:38 PM

Venom #7 continues Donny Cates’ streak with the character, making him more interesting than most people gave the anti-hero credit for. The symbiote has evolved in such a progressive pace that it can now have wings, which is a huge change from what we know about the character. In a sad twist of fate, the symbiote itself is suffering and one of the few characters that could save it is dead.

Ultimate Reed Richards, aka The Maker, confirmed what many of us Spider-Man fans know; Flash Thompson is dead. The character died at the hands of Norman Osborn when he was the Red Goblin but this is the first time Eddie Brock finds out about this.

(Marvel Comics)

Brock and Thompson have both been hosts to the symbiote, with Thompson, in particular, managing to help the symbiote overcome its more violent urges after visiting its home planet during a Guardians of the Galaxy story arc. Thompson and the symbiote had a great bond, which we saw a lot of during the Venom Inc. arc, so having Maker reconfirm Flash’s death to Eddie adds some gravitas to this title.

Flash and Eddie have fought a few times, particularly in Rick Remender’s Venom arc, but they eventually grew to respect each other. At the end of Venom Inc. Flash reluctantly lets Eddie keep the symbiote since his Anti-Venom suit kept hurting it.

(Marvel Comics)

Venom #7 is available now.

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