Dragon Ball Super's Chris Sabat on Why He Loves Playing Vegeta

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January 10, 2019  02:00 PM


Goku might be the main character of Dragon Ball but if you ask most fans who their favorite character in the franchise is, chances are they will say it is Vegeta. Not because he looks cool or has an awesome voice - though that helps immensely - but due to the fact that the Prince of all Saiyans has changed a lot since his debut, and we don’t just mean his transformations.

Vegeta might have started out as a cold murderer who wanted to become a Super Saiyan but now he is a family man who will do anything he can to protect his loved ones, even teaming with his rival Kakarot. This is what voice actor Chris Sabat loves about Vegeta, as the character is basically unrecognizable from his debut, aside from his boisterous Saiyan pride of course.

Here’s what Sabat told CBR about the character and what to expect from him in Dragon Ball Super: Broly:

"He used to be short-tempered and always angry about stuff and frustrated. "[He was] the guy who gets pissed off at any moment. You’ll be surprised how much temperament he has when he meets Broly in this film. You would think [when] Vegeta sees another Saiyan, he’d be ready to go for the throat and chew their face off and spit them out. In this particular case, you’re going to see a much more reserved Vegeta, not the Vegeta you’re used to from the other Broly movies where he was just pissing his pants the entire movie. You’re seeing a very focused warrior, and he and Goku actually work really well together in the film. They’re a team, and there’s not as much of the goofy in-fighting from Resurrection F. It’s taken very, very serious. When they show up, it’s interesting."

As you can tell, Sabat loves playing Vegeta and is happy that the character has grown in such a way that people often forget how he met Goku and his friends. It’s a testament to those that have worked on the Super anime that his character has remained consistent throughout, with any changes made feeling natural to the character.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes out on January 16. It showed in Japan back in December.

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