Disney Drops Fox Name From All Movie Studios

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
January 17, 2020  01:55 PM



It looks like Disney really wants you to know that they own Fox and are basically Fox now since the company is now removing the “Fox” name from pretty much all of their studios. Yes, even the prestigious 20th Century Fox has been renamed, which is pretty shocking since that studio has been around for the longest time. 20th Century Fox is older than most millennials so the lack of “Fox” in its name is going to be noticed by a majority of people.

So, what ingenious name has Disney renamed 20th Century Fox too? Is it 20th Century Disney? Nope. The company is now known as, brace yourselves, 20th Century Studios and yes, that is a disgusting name, I can feel your puke all the way from the Philippines.

What about Fox Searchlight Pictures? The company that was actually putting out clever and original movies? It’s now just going to be Searchlight Pictures, which isn’t too bad. If anything, the Fox name in that studio was a bit intrusive so we don’t mind the name change for this. Still, the fact that Disney is willing to just get rid of this name is just odd.

On the television side, no decisions have been made about 20th Century Fox Television or Fox 21 Television Studios. I guess those studios could be called 20th Century Television and 21 Television Studios but that’s just me. We’ll see how Disney handles this, as they attempt to buy everything.

More news on Disney removing Fox from everything when we get to it.

Via Variety

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