Darth Vader Kills His Jedi Masters a Second Time

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January 07, 2019  10:46 AM


If you aren’t reading Marvel’s current Darth Vader series, you are missing out. The company’s Star Wars comic books have been knocking it out of the park lately, adding so much lore and interesting character moments. The 25th issue of Darth Vader has added a number of pivotal sequences that will surprise fans, like seeing him kill all of his Jedi masters again.


Not long after briefly reuniting with an angry Padme Amidala whilst entering The Force, he is soon confronted by some of the Jedi who were killed during Revenge of the Sith. Upon seeing these deceased Jedi seemingly returning to life, Anakin wills some lightsabers to existence and proceeds to slaughter his former masters with them.

(Marvel Comics)

Mace Windu was memorably killed by Anakin, as the Jedi Master was close to killing Emperor Palpatine and ending the madness. Sadly, Anakin fell for Palpatine’s words and ended up killing Windu to save the Sith Lord. Other Jedi like Plo-Koon are also seen here briefly, given better (or worse?) deaths than what was seen in Star Wars: Episode III.

Yoda is also seen here, which might give away the fact that these Jedi are just illusions that The Force has conjured up to attack Anakin. The ongoing comic is set after Revenge of the Sith but before A New Hope, which Yoda didn’t even appear in. Then again, Yoda did tell Obi-Wan that he knows how to contact the dead so maybe the Jedi Master felt this battle take place.

(Marvel Comics)

So yeah, check out Darth Vader #25 when you can, along with Marvel’s other Star Wars comics.

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