Darth Maul Confirmed for Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 7

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April 15, 2019  11:04 AM


Darth Maul might not have made much of an impact during The Phantom Menace but the villain has since made his presence known during other appearances, particularly in Star Wars: Clone Wars. He might still be evil but the character has shown much more personality, being ruthless, cunning, and a bunch of other complimentary evil words that will make fans happy. This is why people are stoked that the villain will be returning for Clone Wars Season 7.

CBR covered the Star Wars Celebration panel that talked Clone Wars content, where Dave Filoni revealed that the villain would be making his presence known in a big fight. The villain is expected to take on Obi-Wan Kenobi in an epic rematch, which is something fans have been wanting to see. I mean, they technically saw the rematch of this rematch in Rebels but don’t ruin this moment for others.

Since Rebels takes place after Clone Wars, most of us know that Maul and Ahsoka survive the series. That being said, the final season is still important to fan since it will explain what happened to the spunky female character and why she didn’t appear during Revenge of the Sith. While it kind of sucks that we know what will be happening to these characters, it won’t ruin the journey people are about to partake in.

As of this writing, Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 7 does not have a release date. It will be streamed via Disney+, which comes out on November 12.

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