DC Announces Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child by Frank Miller and Rafael Grampa

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September 13, 2019  11:53 AM



It looks like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight 4 is officially underway and it’s going to start with a new one-shot coming out called The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, which is scheduled for release on December 11. Miller returns to writing duties while acclaimed artist Rafael Grampa will be providing illustrations, which is awesome since Miller isn’t the artist he used to be.

Revealed by Entertainment Weekly, the one-shot will be set three years after The Dark Knight III: The Master Race and will now have Carrie Kelly as Batwoman. Lara, the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, will also play a big role, though she is not The Golden Child. Who is? None other than Jonathan Kent, the son of Superman and Wonder Woman who was an infant during The Master Race.

Miller has a lot of nice things to say about Carrie Kelly, who has yet to appear in the mainstream DC universe, aside from a brief cameo in The New 52’s Batman and Robin where she is a college sophomore. 

“Carrie is, as always, the smartest kid on the block. She was also trained by someone who is not cowed by power. Even knowing that she is not a ‘superhero’ in terms of powers, she will not accept anything that in any way smacks of subjugation. Look at her! She began her superhero career by running away from home. She was a rebel from the get-go.”

Personally, I’m sick of all these Dark Knight revivals from Frank Miller, though the art from Rafael Grampa is really pretty. I’ll probably get this one-shot for the sake of it but I’m not too excited for yet another sequel to The Dark Knight Returns, which feels less special every time something else is added to its lore.

The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child will come to comic book stores on December 11.

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