DC Announces Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul From Comic Book Legend Neal Adams

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
May 15, 2019  05:18 PM


DC continues to celebrate its big Year of the Villain event with a new mini-series pitting The Dark Knight against one of his biggest enemies. Batman vs Ra’s Al Ghul is a six-issue series from comic book legend Neal Adams, who has drawn some of The Dark Knight’s best stories during the ‘70s and ‘80s so that should please some old-school DC fans.

In one of the odder story concepts we’ve heard in a while, Gotham City is under siege by terrorists and Batman is struggling to stop them. As if that wasn’t enough, Boston Brand aka Deadman has said that these terrorists are under the control of an “inhuman monster.” Here comes Ra’s Al Ghul to the rescue, claiming that he is helping GCPD by aiding them with his personal army.

But it’s Ra’s Al Ghul. There’s probably something up his sleeve.

To celebrate Adams’ return to The Dark Knight, DC will be reprinting one of the artist’s classic stories. DC announced Batman #232 Facsimile Edition, which reprints the now famous Daughter of the Demon storyline from Adams and Dennis O’Neil. The company has also announced that there will be more Facsimile Editions coming soon, which should be very fun for comic book fans.

Batman vs Ra’s Al Ghul #1 comes out in August.

Via DC Comics

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