Chris Evans Turned Down the Captain America Role Several Times

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May 26, 2020  10:20 AM



Chris Evans might have been a well-known name before but he really hit the big leagues when Marvel Studios hired him to become Captain America. While this wasn’t Evans’ first superhero role, this would end up becoming the character that would define the actor. Though his journey has ended, most people can’t imagine what the MCU would have been life if Evans wasn’t Cap. Funnily enough, the actor actually turned down the role a number of times.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Evans revealed that he turned down the Captain America role several times due to his better-received movies not getting enough attention. Evans also revealed that an anxiety attack he experienced in the set of 2010’s Puncture made the actor think that this job wasn’t for him.



Thankfully, after speaking with Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr, a therapist, family, and friends, Evans accepted the role and did really well for himself as Steve Rogers. The Captain America movies are considered to be some of the best in the MCU, with The Winter Soldier in particular seen as the best of them all. It really showed how comic book movies can lend themselves to different genres, hence the praise.

We’re all pretty grateful for Evans’ work as Captain America since these movies have made us nerds really happy. It seems like we won’t be seeing him return, especially after that weird ending from Avengers: Endgame. Evans won’t have any trouble getting work outside of Marvel, that much we’re sure of.

Black Widow is the next MCU film and is slated for a November release.

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