Captain America Comic Shockingly Brings Back a Popular MCU Character

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July 31, 2019  02:33 PM


Ta-Nehisi Coates has made quite an impact with his Captain America run, confronting the big Secret Empire fallout with his first arc and having Steve Rogers deal with an imposter killer in the second. The most recent issue, Captain America #12 (2018) gave us more surprises, one that’s been done before and another that is genuinely shocking, though it will make MCU fans very happy.

For the not-so-shocking surprise, Steve decides to lay low as Captain America for a while, deciding to abandon the alias for a bit and go back to wearing his uniform from the Steve Rogers: Super Soldier era. Steve has given up being Captain America before, so this isn’t too surprising but it is nice seeing him wear the Super Soldier suit again.

Now for the shocker…

Steve assembles an all-female team called the Daughters of Liberty, comprising of heroes like Misty Knight, Spider-Woman, Mockingbird, Sue Storm, among others. However, to the shock of many, including the readers, Sharon reveals that her “Aunt Peggy” is alive and well, looking more like her MCU counterpart. Yup, Peggy Carter is back and she’s younger than Sharon, who has aged considerably after Rick Remender’s Dimension Z storyline of Captain America.

How did Peggy Carter come back? Hopefully, August’s Captain America #13 has the answers. In the meantime, fans who love Peggy and collector’s may want to rush into a comic book store and get this issue. Zowie wowie.

Captain America #12 is now available.

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