Capcom Pulls a Capcom and Announces Street Fighter V: Championship Edition

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November 18, 2019  11:27 AM


Just when we thought Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition would be the only re-release of the fighter, Capcom pulled a Capcom and announced Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Capcom released a fancy new trailer that details what makes this version of the game a must-buy and it should work for those who haven’t picked it up. Honestly, it’s a lot of great content for a low price and will probably have us wondering why they just didn’t release the game like this.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition won’t just have all of the DLC characters but the rest of the stages and costumes as well. Arcade Edition only offered fans fighters from Character Pass 1 and 2, while Character Pass 3 still needed to be purchased. This clearly makes it the superior choice for those who have yet to dabble with Street Fighter V.

One new character was announced, with another fighter to be revealed at a later date. Gill from Street Fighter 3 will finally be playable after being hinted at during the game’s story mode, so that’s someone fans have been waiting for. We’re still not sure who the second new fighter will be but that character will probably be shown during Capcom Cup.

But what about those people who bought Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition? Well, they can purchase the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Upgrade Kit for US$24.99, which will give them all of the improvements and DLC from that version. It’s a solid enough compromise, though Capcom has stated that the original game is the only one fans need since all new modes will still be added via a free update, while all DLC characters can be unlocked via in-game or real-life money.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will be coming out on February 14, 2020, for the price of US$29.99.

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