Bethesda Announces Fallout 76

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Not long after a cryptic tease for a new game, Bethesda has released a teaser trailer confirming Fallout 76, the newest game in the series. Rather than announce the next “official” installment, it seems like the studio is going the New Vegas route by having a new setting but keeping most of the gameplay and graphics engine from Fallout 4.

The trailer released is very vague and has no gameplay but it will take place in the year 2076. It also uses the song Take Me Home, Country Roads, which is a damn good song for a teaser like this. There’s also a brief audio cue about Vault 76, so let the conversation about the series’ history begin.

Vaults have been a big part of the Fallout lore, with the third game, in particular, making them feel impactful. New Vegas and Fallout 4 started players out differently, so seeing 76 go back to that should make fans of the franchise feel nostalgic. Unfortunately, there’s only so much we can discuss without seeing any gameplay or story details.

Bethesda did confirm that the game would be shown off during their conference in E3 on June 10. A new Fallout game is always a cause for celebration and it will be cool seeing how this title does.

No release date or game systems were revealed for Fallout 76 as of this writing.

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