Bendis Brings Back Classic Superman Villain in Man of Steel Mini-Series

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - May 16, 2018

There is a lot of nervousness and expectations surrounding Brian Michael Bendis’ upcoming Man of Steel series, along with the follow-ups in Superman #1 and Action Comics #1001. Fans are excited to see what the big time Marvel writer has to offer to DC but are nervous about what changes he will bring since the previews tease an ambiguous fate for Lois Lane and son Jon Kent.

On Twitter, Bendis may have gained some respect and admiration from fans of the older DC comics. By showing off the art of Doc Shaner for issue #2, the writer revealed that the classic version of Toyman will be reintroduced via the Man of Steel series. Dark Knight: Metal did have the younger Toyman from Jeph Loeb’s Batman/Superman run but seeing the old-school version of the character is a treat.


Bendis was quick to point out how issue #2 is spoiler heavy and noted that the image he shared is one of the pages he can share that won’t spoil the series. It’s a good move on his part and shows just how talented Doc Shaner is.

It also gives us a brief encounter with Superman and popular Green Lantern member Hal Jordan. Both characters are beautifully illustrated by Shaner, especially since both of these characters are rocking their older attires. Some fans might hate it but there’s just something about Superman’s red trunks that feels right.

The Man of Steel #1 comes out on May 30. Issue #2 hits comic stores the week after on June 6.

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