Batman: White Knight Creator is Working On a Catwoman Story

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January 07, 2020  02:43 PM



Batman: White Knight has proven to be one of DC’s most popular Black Label comics, giving us an alternate universe where a cured Joker temporarily helped Gotham City and made people realize that The Dark Knight’s way wasn’t always right. The sequel, Curse of the White Knight, was a solid follow-up that gave us an intriguing Azrael tale, which is always good to know since Azrael isn’t always in good stories.

The creator of White Knight, Sean Gordon Murphy, has since announced that he will soon be working on a brand-new Catwoman story with co-writer Blake Northcott. While the series doesn’t have a clear release date yet, both writers did confirm that it will be coming out sometime this year. Details on the story aren’t known yet, though it looks like it won’t be part of the White Knight continuity.


Currently, DC is releasing a Catwoman ongoing series that spun-off from the events of that big wedding, which didn’t actually happen. The character has always been popular with fans and it will be interesting to see what these two talented writers can do with Selina Kyle. No artist was announced for the series since Murphy, who writes and draws White Knight, is only providing covers for the series.


If you’re a fan of Sean Gordon Murphy, you can look forward to this new Catwoman series this year. Batman: White Knight is currently available on digital platforms and in graphic novel form.

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