Batman: Hush Blu-Ray and Digital Release Dates Officially Revealed

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May 16, 2019  04:48 PM


Batman: Hush is one of the most loved stories featuring the Dark Knight, so fans were more than ecstatic when it was announced that an animated feature based on the graphic novel was coming. After a trailer that excited, fans will be happy to know that DC has officially announced a release date for its digital and Blu-Ray release, something fans have been eagerly waiting for.

As usual, Hush will be coming to digital first and is coming out on July 20. Those that would prefer a physical copy can get the Blu-Ray on August 13, though both versions will be packed with extras, according to

From what was seen in the trailer, it looks like a pretty faithful adaptation of the graphic novel, with a few twists added here and there. Poison Ivy, for example, was hypnotized to control Superman by Hush whereas in the comic she did it of her own free will. The movie also has Bruce start out in his New 52 uniform but then has him wear his Hush costume after a nasty fall.

The animation style seems to be the same one used for Death of Superman, Justice League: War, and everything else since the Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It’s a solid enough art style, though some might be disappointed at the fact that it doesn’t look at all like Jim Lee’s beautiful pencils.

Are you excited to see Batman: Hush?

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