Avengers: Infinity War Still Offers Best Look at Post-Credits Scene

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - May 16, 2018

For a film that relied so much on CGI, Avengers: Infinity War still manages to be a great looking movie. Thanks to wildly different locations and a number of colorful battles, there are actual fun reasons to watch Infinity War all over again, before you realize how sad that ending actually is.

Art of VFX has a lengthy feature on Infinity War and how the effects were brought to life, with a number of various still that fans will appreciate. One still that will get the fans talking is the one that shows the post-credits sequence, which got a lot of fans hyped for Avengers 4, as well as Captain Marvel.

(Marvel/Art of VFX)

Judging from that final image, it’s clear that Carol Danvers will play a big part in next year’s Avengers movie, whatever it ends up being called. Considering how her solo film will be set in the 90’s, it will be good to know why she hasn’t been more proactive since. It will also be fun to see how the Captain Marvel movie does and what it sets up for Avengers 4, with the Skrulls, Kree, and Ronan the Accuser all set to make appearances.

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019, while Captain Marvel hits theaters earlier on March 6, 2019.

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