Avengers: Endgame's 'A-Force' Scene Had One Hero Digitally Inserted

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May 15, 2019  12:20 PM


It might have been a dumb superhero movie with a ton of deus ex machina moments but most of us can’t stop thinking about Avengers: Endgame. The movie just has so many amazing and emotional sequences that it’s going to leave a huge impression on anyone who’s seen it, even if they hate it. One scene that seems to be equally loved and hated is the women’s showcase, which many of us have dubbed the A-Force shot, which gave fans a lot of mixed feelings.

Well, however you feel, most people wouldn’t have predicted that a hero would have to be digitally inserted into the scene. It was easy enough for most of the women to get in place, even if it was a shot that many felt was too pandering and unearned since Marvel hasn’t done a good enough job of showcasing their women. So, who had to be digitally inserted into this shot?

Tom Holland aka Peter Parker aka Spider-Man of course.

Here’s what WETA effects advisor Matt Aiken told Cinemablend:

"The only person who wasn’t able to be there on that day was Tom Holland, and Spidey has to hand the Gauntlet off to Captain Marvel at the start of that shot, so we had a stand-in for Spidey and we ended up filming him with a kind of faux-motion control rig a couple of weeks later when Tom Holland became available, and we tracked him into that shot and popped him in.”

Yup, the only man in this shot was busy when the scene was in production. Once Holland was able to reshoot the scene, he simply acted it out and was digitally inserted into the stand-in’s place. The wonders CGI can achieve eh?

Avengers: Endgame is still showing in theaters, though maybe not for long. Detective Pikachu is now showing as well and John Wick 3 comes out this week so this might be your last chance to see it in theaters.

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