Amazing Witcher 3 Mod Turns Geralt into Henry Cavill

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By Nico Parungo | More Articles Comic Book Fan and Lazy Gamer
August 15, 2019  12:04 PM


Netflix’s The Witcher looks better every time we see a news update on this series and we can’t wait to binge-watch this show and enjoy/judge it to bits. Fans are still split about Henry Cavill as Geralt but there are more people who are okay with the casting than there are haters, so that’s a plus. One fan, in particular, is so excited that they made a mod for The Witcher 3 that makes Geralt look more like Henry Cavill.

Spotted on Nexus Mods, user Adnan4444 added a mod that basically replaces Geralt’s default face and turns him into the Henry Cavill version we will be seeing in the Netflix show. This is pretty great for fans who are enamored with what they’ve seen from the show thus far, though we can only hope that this Netflix series is half as good as the games it’s based on.

As someone who doesn’t play games with a PC, it’s sad to know that this mod isn’t available on the PlayStation 4. That’s the price we pay for getting consoles and is why PC players are often called the “PC Master Race.” Maybe the kind folks at CD Projekt Red will allow console mods in the near future but we shouldn’t expect them anytime soon.

Fans will be able to binge-watch Netflix’s The Witcher sometime this year.

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