AVALANCHE vs Shinra is Only the Beginning in the Final Fantasy VII Remake TFS Trailer

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September 11, 2019  10:52 AM



Square Enix released the new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer during TGS 2019 and they did not disappoint. Many of us wondered why co-director Tetsuya Nomura decided to spoil revealing Shinra in an earlier interview but it turns out that was only the tip of this massive iceberg. There is so much more in this trailer, including mini-games, a new SOLDIER character, summons, and more.

But let’s get the expected out of the way: The Turks are here and they look better than ever. Reno, Rude, and Tseng all make appearances throughout the trailer, the first two, in particular, taking part in some battles against Cloud early on. In fact, Aerith even helps out in the battle against Rude, which is always nice to see.

Now for the new stuff. There’s a scene in the trailer where Cloud and AVALANCHE are being tailed by Shinra forces, one of whom is from SOLDIER. This looks like a completely new character and one that will likely be fought in the game, which already makes this remake much more interesting.

We also “see” more of the Watchmen of Fate. Granted, they still look like smoke demons but it turns out that these things don’t just bother Cloud and Aerith since we see them attack Tifa and the others, later on, meaning that they will be a bigger threat than we thought.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have our first look at Ifrit and Shiva, two fan-favorite summons who have appeared in a number of Final Fantasy games. They look great and we can’t wait to see more of them. 

Mundane things like the workout mini-game and parts of the infamous cross-dressing scene are also shown, though it looks like they’re saving Cloud in the dress for a big reveal. We do get to see Aerith in a nice dress though and no one is going to complain about that.

To recap: Final Fantasy VII Remake looks AMAZING and I want it right now. The action-oriented gameplay, beautiful graphics, revamped character designs, and the new additions are giving me a nostalgic heart attack.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming out on March 3 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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