Niantic Pulls Out Massive Number Of Pokestops To Fix Glitch In Pokemon Go

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - October 12, 2017

It looks like Pokemon Go is having a bit of trouble with its Pokestops.

Yesterday the game encountered a major Pokestop glitch. According to a report by Comicbook, gyms and Pokestops in the augmented reality gaming app started limiting the number of items in its distribution, handing out two items every time a gamer makes a visit instead of handing out the usual 3 to 5 items that come with every stop.

Attempting to fix the issue, Niantic restored a backup version of Pokemon Go’s system, bringing back the item drop rates to their usual numbers. The only problem is, the backup version lacked the number of Pokestops the developer had added in the past few days.

Though the developer hasn’t announced the measures the team is taking to restore the Pokestops that disappeared during the reboot, it’s likely that these missing Pokestops will just reappear in the course of the week.

Once they’re through fixing their system, Niantic will probably start adding back the missing Pokestops to the game. Niantic has made gamers download Pokemon Go’s most recent update twice now, signaling that the developer is working on something to fix the issue.

Hopefully, Niantic will finally be able to fix the issues with the Pokestops soon so that gamers can enjoy playing Pokemon Go.

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