New Wolverine Casting is Something Producers Aren’t Even Thinking Of

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - May 19, 2017

Anyone who has seen a couple of the X-Men and Wolverine’s standalone movies would know the feeling. After Logan and the events in it, what happens now with Wolverine’s character?

Granted, the biggest event in the movie is Logan’s death (we’re guessing this isn’t even supposed to be a spoiler anymore). And no, it’s not an issue of whether he will be healed, because there’s no going back after what happened.

So that leaves the franchise Wolverine-less--and in an uneasy sense, because moviegoers have been attuned to the face of only one Logan: Hugh Jackman. He has made the wild and gruff but ultimately caring mutant into an icon. Now that he won’t be in it while other X-Men franchises are starting to take off, the next question is who will be cast to fill his shoes.

Apparently, the creatives behind the movie don’t want to think think about it themselves. Speaking to Cinema Blend, Hutch Parker said that everyone still considers it too early to even be thinking about his replacement.

“The idea of casting someone else as Wolverine is just not something I can think about. [Laughs]... There’s part of me that thinks that he’s done such a brilliant job and is so iconic in the part, that we should leave it alone. And yet, I know there’s always a possibility that either we find a story, or a situation comes along where you think, ‘OK, maybe we should consider that.’ But at the moment, we’re kind of leaving that alone.”

This makes sense in so many ways, especially given how Jackman gave everything (and then some more) to make sure that his departure from the role will let him do justice for the character.

For now, let’s all just admire Jackman’s final performance as everyone’s favorite regenerating, clawed badass Wolverine in Logan.



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