New Pokemon Go Newsletter Teases The Arrival Of More Legendary Pokemon

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - August 10, 2017

Zapdos is leaving Pokemon Go next Monday and Niantic’s been teasing fans with more Legendary Raids for the summer.

Sending out a newsletter last night, Niantic tried to review all of its current and past events like the organization of the Pokemon Go Park, the start of the Chester Pokemon Go event and of course the release of the highly anticipated Legendary Pokemon.

The company also teased the arrival of new Pokemon, reminding fans that Zapdos would exit the augmented reality gaming app after August 14.

Here’s what Niantic wrote in its email (via Comicbook):

"Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos have been spotted in Pokémon GO! Have you battled one of these Legendary Pokémon yet? From August 7–14, Zapdos, the Legendary Pokémon that represents Team Instinct, will appear at Raid Battles in the real world. Team up with your fellow Trainers and line up your Pokémon carefully when battling these extremely powerful and rare Legendary Pokémon. Good luck, Trainer. Be prepared for more legendary adventures!"

Before the announcement, Niantic hadn’t detailed its plans for Legendary Raids after Zapdos leaves Pokemon Go next Monday, and fans were worrying that Legandary Pokemon would leave the game along with the legendary bird.

Also announcing a major event set for Monday, August 14 in Yokohama Japan in its newsletter, we have a feeling that a new Legendary will be officially brought in to replace Zapdos on the day of its departure. Let’s wait and see what it is.

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