New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Features Amazing Action, Olympus & Disney Villains

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - June 11, 2017

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, the highly-anticipated role-playing game that fuses Disney and Final Fantasy elements together. As expected, the game features amazing combat with kickass moves that look fun to pull off. Sora is back with Goofy and Donald Duck as they battle vicious forms of Heartless on Mount Olympus. We also get to see a few of the most iconic Disney villains, and it looks like they're planning something devastating. The visuals look great, and I'm excited to see more of Kingdom Hearts 3 when Disney reveals the new trailer at D23 on July 15. Sadly, no release date has been announced for the game, but it probably won't be released this year. Watch the awesome trailer below: 

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