Ubisoft Working on New Space Game Like No Man's Sky?

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By May Pangan | More Articles
November 14, 2016  02:03 PM

Is Ubisoft working on a new space game? If the leaked Watch Dogs 2 clip is to be believed, they probably are. It's just an easter egg in the leaked Watch Dogs 2 trailer but fans quickly noticed it. 

Thing is, players can hack a certain facility in one of the game’s missions. What’s inside is more interesting. It will deviate your attention especially if you are fond of all things sci-fi.

Described as a confidential material, the clip showed a one of its kind sci-fi environment. The trailer contains watermarks and a “don’t distribute” note. It was indicated that it’s an E3 material. Ubisoft has not responded to questions whether it was fake or it’s just another fictional world they created for Watch Dogs 2.

Users over NeoGaf pointed out that it looks like No Man’s Sky but it also reminded them of Cowboy Bebop in a way. Apparently, many are crossing their fingers that it is a new sci-fi title from Ubisoft. 

Or is it just another joke done by the development team? After all, leaving subtle hints is a Ubisoft thing.

On a positive note, the studio might be leaving clues that a new space game is in the works. Even the newly-launched Watch Dogs 2 was teased a couple of times months before the official release date. A sci-fi IP is an element lacking in Ubisoft’s portfolio, per Two Left Sticks’ report. Given that, this must be the studio’s creative way of announcing their own version of NMS or Homeworld.

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