Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite DLC Leaked

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - September 13, 2017

The DLC for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has supposedly been leaked, and it should please those that are disappointed with the game’s in-disc roster. As expected, there are three Capcom characters and three Marvel fighters, two of which - Black Panther and Sigma - have already been revealed. It also seems like we will be getting more than the first six DLC characters, though they won’t likely come till 2018.

According to this Reddit post, Venom, Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier and Gill are the final four DLC characters. The post also states that the characters will come out in pairs, with Sigma and Black Panther coming out in October. Players can purchase them as a pair for $9.99 or separately at $5.99 each.

If this post is correct, we could eventually see X-Men characters as DLC in the future. Apparently, the developers have taken the criticisms fans have to heart, which is why they fixed Chun-Li’s face before the game comes out next week. Hopefully we get a number of new characters as well, like Asura or Ms. Marvel.

While this isn’t DLC, fans might be pleased to hear that Ultron-Sigma can be unlocked. Fans will be able to play as the character after they’ve beaten Story Mode on both difficulties. Here is hoping that he’s fun to use.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite comes out on September 19 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Fans that pre-order the game can get alternate costumes for Hulk, Mega Man X, Ryu and Thor.


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