Marvel Movies Actually Have a Scientist Help Create Its Universe

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - May 18, 2017

Ever since Marvel started building its universe, a lot of heroes have joined and integrated their own story into the mix. For the most part, the MCU is pretty consistent and tied together by character narratives.

But it’s almost amazing that with the inclusion of Asgardian gods, cryogenically frozen super soldiers, spies, an unbelievable strong Green Goliath, mutants, space guardians, and your tech billionaire genius, the universe remains, well, intact and believable.

Apparently, there’s a guy whose job is to make sure that the rules of the Marvel movies’ actual universe are consistent. According to Houston Press, this physicist is named Dr. Clifford V. Johnson, and he answered Marvel’s call to ensure that they get real science into these superhero movies.

“What I spend most of my time doing involves scientific believability and consistency. I study how our existing universe works and my job is to study those rules so I can help [creators] build a different universe with its own rules, where all your crazy stuff can happen. But then they have to allow me to help make it consistent.”

Indeed, apart from the likes of Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok, and Agent Carter, he also was part of National Geographic’s Genius. Basically, the core of his job is to make sure that the science isn’t loss in a universe filled with aliens, Norse gods, black holes, and mystic arts.

Johnson says that it’s his job to make sure that the storytelling doesn’t forget the whys and how’s in the MCU. his most recent project for Thor: Ragnarok is to help director Taika Waititi on his questions about space travel.

Not only is this a pretty neat job, but it’s a great way to keep viewers informed about real science. I guess now you can’t really say that you can’t learn anything from watching the TV—or the movies!



Thor: Ragnarok will be out this October, while the awaited Avengers: Infinity War will arrive next year.

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