Mark Hamill Brings Donald Trump’s Tweets to Life as The Joker

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - January 09, 2017

Though Donald J. Trump is going to be sworn into office later this month, America’s President-elect still has to get the hang of presidential online etiquette. Trump continually goes on angry tirades on social media, firing this way and that with his un-presidential sounding tweets.

Just as 2016 drew to a close, Trump greeted his enemies and critics with a happy new year on Twitter – a nefarious-sounding bit that could come off as a line from DC’s joker.

The brother of comedian Patton Oswalt, Matt, picked up on Trump’s tweet and then suggested that it would be a great satire piece for Mark Hamill’s character in Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series. His billion dollar idea was to make an app that could feed all of Trump’s tweets to have it played back in the Joker’s voice.

Hamill who has always been vocal about his dislike for Trump jumped right on board, responding with a yes, he’d love to do it once he learns how to make sound bites.

Seven hours after promising to voice Trump’s tweet, the iconic voice actor came up with a sound file for Trump’s New Year greeting and posted it on Twitter. Just as Matt predicted, Trump’s tweets fit perfectly in Hamill's Joker viuce. DC fans could probably imagine the Joker sitting in Washington right now, swirling in his presidential chair. Check the recording down below: 

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