Magic: The Gathering Player Becomes The First Ever Female Grand Prix Champion

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - April 15, 2018

Photo: Wizards of the Coast 

Magic: The Gathering isn't just celebrating its history because of the game's 25th Anniversary this year; 2018 will also be remembered as the year when the first female Magic player won a Grand Prix! 

After 14 rounds of Team Unified Modern and dominating the Top 4 bracket, Jessica Estephan, Ryan Lewis-Jonns, and Lachlan Saunders have made Magic history this weekend at Grand Prix Sydney when they emerged as the tournament's champions, with Jessica being the first woman to become a Grand Prix Champion! 

Jessica, a 23-year-old player from Sydney, has been playing Magic since the Born of the Gods expansion in 2013. In the event, she played Black-Red Hollow One deck, an aggressive Modern deck that uses discard abilities to "cheat out" Hollow One and other creatures. 


Jessica's team and the three other teams that made Top 4 at GP Sydney were qualified for Pro Tour 25th Anniversary in Minneapolis in August. 

Congrats to Jessica and her team for making Magic history! 

Photo: WIzards of the Coast

The upcoming Magic set Dominaria is meant to celebrate the game's 25 years by bringing players back to its original world. 

It's set to launch on April 27. 

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