Kevin Feige Talks About The Future Of Fantastic Four And Marvel Studios

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - July 17, 2017

After the box office disaster that was Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four movie, a lot of fans were sure that Fox was ready to drop their rights so Marvel could pick it up. That doesn’t seem to be the case as Kevin Feige elaborates on the future of Marvel’s first family and how we may never get them in the MCU.

Talking to Yahoo Movies, Kevin Feige said:

“I’ve been at Marvel for 17 years… There are certainly no plans whatsoever for that… But too many amazing things have happened over the past 17 years for me ever say never. But for now, nothing.”

One of the amazing things he could be referring to is the legendary deal that Marvel had with Sony in their choice to share Spider-Man between the two studios. Marvel’s reboot of the character was a huge success, and a lot of people have come to accept Tom Holland as the best onscreen representation of Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

For now, Fox seems confident with their rights as X-Men and now Deadpool are making them a lot of sweet money. I’m just curious on why they want such a tight grip on Fantastic Four when they obviously don’t know how to handle the characters. Didn’t anyone tell 20th Century Fox that it’s good to share?

The fans will get tired of them eventually. I’m not even that eager to see Dark Phoenix if I’m being totally honest.

Expect more Marvel reveals at the San Diego Comic-Con this year.


Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters May 4, 2018.

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