Justice League: Joss Whedon Rewrote 33% Of The Script

Author Thumbnail BY Nico Parungo - September 01, 2017

As most fans know, Joss Whedon is receiving a writing credit for his work in the Justice League film. Zack Snyder will be keeping his director and co-writer credentials, so it will be interesting to see how the final product turns out. Fans wondered how much of the script Whedon changed, and the answer is 33% apparently.

Collider has confirmed that Whedon changed 33% of the original script, and was likely in the director’s chair when Snyder left the project due to a death in the family. Since both directors have different styles, it will be interesting to see if they compliment each other or clash. Either way, it should get fans talking about the film.

It’s worth noting that the original cut of Justice League was described as “unwatchable,” something Warner Bros did not want to hear. This is probably why reshoots were done, though they have been commonplace in modern blockbusters as of late. Here is hoping that the film is good, though it will have to compete with the fun looking Thor: Ragnarok.


Justice League hits theaters on November 17. It takes place after the events of Batman V Superman, and focuses on Batman’s attempt to recruit new heroes to prepare for an upcoming threat.

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