The Daily Bugle Urges the Public to Look for Wanted Criminal Spider-Man in Latest Tweet

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By Judith Anne Dela Cruz | More Articles MCU Enthusiast and Neil Gaiman Fanatic
October 31, 2019  05:23 PM


Spider-Man: Far From Home was released back in June of this year but promotional materials are still ongoing for the film. Back in September, The Daily Bugle made its own website and their very own YouTube channel was released earlier this month. Their Twitter account is official as well, and they are constantly keeping updates about the “false hero,” Spider-Man.

The mid-credits for the film showed that Mysterio sent exclusive footage to the outlet in his last moments where he revealed Spider-Man’s “evil plans.” Daily Bugle just issued a tweet urging everyone to team up and find the wanted “criminal” for his “misdeeds.”  You can check it out below.



Now, Spider-Man’s identity is revealed, and people are led to believe that the “vigilante” is just roaming around the streets. J. Jonah Jameson tells the people that the hero is a “menace” and he should be captured for justice to be served.

Obviously, this is only a part of the promotional campaign for the movie and also, possibly, for future movies regarding Spider-Man. It’s really cool to see the fans riding with all these, leaving comments about the news, making it seem like they’re actually a part of the film.

You can also check out Daily Bugle’s latest news about the “unmasked full story” where Jameson touches upon Spider-Man’s real identity, describing him as a “teenage psychopath.” He claims that Peter Parker wields powers that “he has no rights to possess.” He assures that Spider-Man will be “squashed” by the people since he was responsible for Mysterio’s brutal death.

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